Consultancy at Q tools and methods

What are the statistical methods good for?

Simply saying, for processing of measured values and obtaining of reference indicators. It is appropriate to use the simple and the more complex statistical tools to analyze the data, to obtain an overview of growth or decline measured characteristics or quantity.

What is the benefit of statistical methods in the company?

In the first place, due to simple methods you can, at any level of management in the company, compare different parameters and by this way to improve your work. Statistical methods are usable anywhere, you will appreciate them the most in demonstrating the quality system ISO 9001, IATF 16949 or EFQM model .

How to proceed in implementation of statistical methods?

There is an inexhaustible amount of statistical methods and for the determination of correct method for specific needs of the organization, it should be thoroughly to become acquainted with the methods, or to invite an experienced consultant, who will advise about the selection of the method and about processing of measured values.

The overview of the most frequently applied Q tools and methods:

Ishikawa – analyses of causes


POKA-YOKE – way to the zero number of errors

G8D report – recognized report in resolving of disagreements

Statistical acceptances

FMEA – risks to the product and process (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

SPC – operability of machine (Cmk) and of process (Cpk), (Statistical Process Control)

MSA – assurance of operability of the measurement system (Measurement System Analysis)

APQP – advanced planning of projects (Advanced product quality planning)

PPAP – advanced methods of sampling (Production Part Approval Process)

QFD – requirements development process (Quality function deployment)

DOE – advanced planning of the experiment and finding ways to problem solving (Design of Experiments)

FTA – fault tree analysis

VDA 1 až VDA 18.6 – conditions of VDA association are applied in our country in VW concern and Škoda Auto, a.s.

Advanced teamwork and leadership workshops … and many others.

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