Construction, Automation

We provide engineering and automation services in engineering.

We have been developing and manufacturing single-purpose machines from simple to fully automatic machines for a long time. Our target customers are primarily in the areas of engineering, plastics, consumer goods and the automotive industry.

To successfully manage the project we are equipped with 3D design software with team work management and our own production capacity. Each order is managed as a project led by an experienced project manager.

We also provide our clients with comprehensive assembly, adjustment to the required capacity, reliability and service.

We have implemented a number of special procedures on our machines in our practice. These include, for example, die-cutting, filling, lubrication, working with very lightweight components that are assembled in a fully automatic machine into the overall assembly.

Types of constructions we have also realized:

  • Development of special gearboxes types
  • Design of selected parts in the field of rail vehicles
  • Reconstruction of special vehicles for fire brigade
  • Design and calculation of container frames


We cooperate with a number of specialists:

  • ČMI Brno, Tecmos, authorized structural engineer ing. František Nevařil, ...

Our solutions provide significant time savings in implementation processes and high production quality.

We will give you any additional information and we look forward to meeting you.

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