ISO 14001

Consultancy in the implementation of the environment protection system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

What is the environment protection system?

The system assures the affirmative development of so-called environmental profile of society, which has affected own organization and environment.

Basis for solving is the register of aspects and impacts, which describes the effects in terms of the used materials, activities, products in standard and nonstandard situations.

The shown analyses and conditions of the valid legislation are basis for solution of the system. The system is adequately solved the issues of health and safety.

This is much more open solution against the surrounding than in the case of the quality system.

What will bring me the system implementation?

It is frequently a part of the requirements of selection procedure mainly in the area of public orders, as well as private investors and car factories.

It significantly reinforces the systematic approach to the environment protection and improves the company image.

How to proceed in implementation?

It should be noted that the quality management system is not only to obtain a certificate, but especially about a prosperous company. What is defined, it must really function! The normal implementation time is around six months. At larger companies and integrated management systems the implementing time ranges in the interval of one and more years. For this reason, it is necessary to invite an experienced consultant experienced in implementation of advanced environment systems, or in their integration. You must select a contact person responsible for implementation and maintaining the system for the customer who will be a partner for the consultant and subsequently for auditors. At the end of consultancy is recommended final inspection to verify all elements of the system and its effectiveness. This check releases the system to the certification procedure.

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Our company not only provides advice and implementation of the already mentioned system but also processes photographs and short documentary films from the field of the environment.

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