AS/EN 9100

Advising on the implementation of the quality management system according to AS/EN 9100 – the aircraft, the aerospace and defence industry

What is the quality management system?

The essence of any organization is to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest possible level. To achieve this goal, it is important for organization to produce and continuously improve the safe and reliable products (or services). The globalization of the aircraft industry and the resulting diversity of regional/national requirements recently complicated the achievement of this goal.

Standard AS/EN 9100 therefore specifies the widest possible range of the requirements for quality management system for the area. Based on the standards ISO 9001:2015 and appropriately complement the other requirements relevant to the aircraft (aviation) industry. The result is the establishment of common requirements applicable to all levels of the supply chain for organizations worldwide.

What will bring me the implementation of the system?

Implementation of the system brings increased competitiveness of organizations by strengthening positions in tenders (possible inclusion in international database OASIS – Online Aerospace Supplier Information System). Further mapping of individual processes, their effectiveness and implementation of the process approach in the management of the organization.

What do we offer?

When our consultants are implementing a quality management system according to the AS/EN 9100, they apply the latest trends, tools and their practical experiences (NADCAP, support for software configuration management and change management, ...).

How to proceed during the implementation?

It is necessary to realize that the quality management system according to AS/EN 9100 is not only to obtain a certificate, but especially about the prosperous organization. What is defined, it must really work! Normal delivery time is about half a year. For larger organizations and integrated management systems implementation period ranges from one or more years. For this reason, it is necessary to invite an experienced consultant who has experience with the introduction of the AS/EN 9100. You have to select a contact person responsible for establishing and maintaining the system for the customer as a partner for the advisor and then for auditors. At the conclusion of counseling it is recommended final inspection to verify all elements of the system. This control system is released to the certification procedure.

In applying the quality system is applied Q tools and methods according to the requirements of specific customers.

Based on a short visit we will prepare an offer for you with preliminary scope of work.

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