ISO 9001

Consultancy at implementation of the quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

What is the quality management system?

This system is especially designed for suppliers of products (tangible, intangible), for trading companies and service providers.

The essential point of view of the quality system is the orientation on the customer and the engagement of the top management to manage the company in all levels of production. The specificity lie in the fact that they must be very well specified the customer requirements for quality of the product, process and system. This is the starting point of successful solution in the area of quality and the beginning of the way to the satisfied customer and the long-term cooperation, usually also on the international level.

When creating the system is needed to describe the activities and processes in your organization. This step will allow you to follow these processes, assign them responsible persons, evaluate and continuously improve through the set metrics and evaluation of effectiveness, efficiency and performance later on.

By this way, the overall improvement of the company as a whole is ensured, and that what was earlier impossible manageable, is now monitored and controlled by a “transparent“ way.

What is the benefit of the system?

It is one of the standard requirements for customers, usually together with the environmental system. The implemented and according to ISO 9001 standard certified system is one of the conditions of the most of selection procedure!

How to proceed in implementation of the quality management system?

It should be noted that the quality management system is not only to obtain a certificate, but especially about a prosperous company. What is defined, it must really function! The normal implementation time is around six months. At larger companies and integrated management systems the implementing time ranges in the interval of one and more years. For this reason, it is necessary to invite an experienced consultant experienced in implementation of advanced quality systems, or in their integration. You must select a contact person responsible for implementation and maintaining of the system for the customer who will be a partner for the consultant and subsequently for auditors. At the end of consultancy is recommended final inspection to verify all elements of the system and its effectiveness. This check releases the system to the certification procedure.

When applying the quality system the Q tools and methods are applied according to the requirements of specific customers.

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