Offer of myGEM Information System for Engineering Production

The myGEM® information system is a comprehensive software solution with over 40 specialized modules that can be used in a complex or individual manner. Every user gets exactly what he needs!

– it helps to make your processes more effective – the solution is well-arranged and long-term verified in practice!

– it provides high flexibility to our customers for their customers and brings significant benefit in the form of cost savings.

We mainly focus on complex solutions for the implementation processes and production. What some companies solve by integrating different software and data duplication (economy, production monitoring, warehouse management and TPV), we offer in one! Maintenance and development of our solution is considerably simpler and provides you with high flexibility and reliability in operation.

We offer our customers continuous support in operation (regular upgrades, special customizations, ...). Training of the IS operator is a matter of course!


  • Clear management and monitoring of sales orders and production orders
  • Automated design of internal orders for the production of semi-finished products (PVV) and finals (FVV)
  • Saving time and money with complex warehouse solutions using mobile terminals and issued doses
  • Extensive production planning capabilities – forecasts, executive production plan for a period, center, workshop, change management, use of priorities
  • Flexible production planning – can be set up and customized for the production of parts, assembled units and final products in one-time orders, repeated series or also in the field of mass production
  • Immediate offer evaluation (graphically) for piece, serial and mass production (use of working time, non-finished production, ...)
  • Managing clearly the combination of different types of production at one client
  • We will create a unique way of planning according to the specific needs of your processes
  • Increased labor productivity, improved machine utilization and production organization
  • The solution provides an overview of all changes
  • Task management that is integrated in the information system allows focus on quality of work – the path to the high efficiency of the work team
  • Simple and very clear operation
  • Accelerate working with web applications for tablets and mobile phones

Examples from the program myGEM

You can find the screens of these examples in Czech version.

Suitable modules of myGEM® Information System for ENGINEERING PRODUCTION

Economic part:

Accounting (UCT)
Assets (MAJ)

We offer a complete economic agenda, but it also can be connected to existing accounting modules you use.

Processing part:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Project and Task Management (RPU)
Logistics – Sales (LPR)
Logistics – Purchase (LNA)
Intrastat (INT)
Warehouses (SKL)
Mobile Terminals (MOB)
Technical Preparation of Production (TPV)
Production control and Planning (RVP)
Production Managements and Records (RVE)
Evidence Output Control and Disagreements (EVK)
Operations Log out (OP)
Maintenance and Diagnostics of Machines (US)
Electronic communication (EDI)
Monitoring a Manufacturing Process (MES)

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