Offer of myGEM Information System – module Projects and tasks management

The Project and Task Management (RPU) module is part of the comprehensive information system myGEM® – IS contains over 40 modules that can be used in a complex or individual way.

The RPU module was developed based on the requirements and needs of GEMCO, s.r.o.

It serves to record and track tasks, projects, meetings and all the necessary data to be monitored, coordinated, and then evaluated. It provides you with up-to-date data and an overview of tasks fulfillment by individual solvers (including check) including Gantt chart viewing. Its use is wide and all field or column names can be customized according to customer requirements (including language mutations, new views ...).

We offer our customers continuous support in operation (regular upgrades, special customizations, ...). Training of the IS operator is a matter of course!


  • Clear management and monitoring of tasks, projects, meetings – online
  • Avoiding loss or omission of important tasks, etc.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the staff (how many are working on the tasks, the loss times)
  • History of entering and reviewing a particular task
  • Reporting for managers (percentage of processing, deadlines ...)
  • Feedback for possible problems with users or customers
  • Evaluation of costs and time complexity for individual stages/tasks
  • Project Management Application (WBS)

Examples from the module Project and Task Management

You can find the screens of these examples in Czech version.

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