Opinions of customers

FORMIKA, s.r.o, Mr. Bobčík

"... the company GEMCO, s.r.o. has realized adjustment of quality systems, environment and it simultaneously implemented comprehensive information system for production of plastic parts, which we supply to the automotive industry ... we are satisfied with this solution, it´s ensure for us an overview of orders, TPV, production, monitoring of ppm ... to delivery and invoicing. This company managed to solve many of our special requirements ..."

DECRO BZENEC, spol. s r.o, Ing. Kyjovský

"... methodical leadership by the project leader and by consultants from the company GEMCO, s.r.o. company was the key issue for understanding of the above shown standards requirements and their incorporation into the company documentation … As the result of the professional access and cooperation there was the successful implementation of the integrated quality management system and environment and the certification of our company ..."

HARDMAN, spol. s r.o., Ing. Knot

"... GEMCO, s.r.o. significantly had a share in the preparation of our company certification as the advisory and consulting company. The main load of the preparation of documentation for quality system was rested just on the shoulders of the company specialist. I may state, that he acquitted perfectly of his task to bring our company to the certification and that the certification was successfully completed. Mutual cooperation in the preparation of the certification and the certification audit itself took place in friendly and very constructive atmosphere ..."

AGADOS, spol. s r.o., Mrs. Cerkalová

"... the information system fully covers the requirements of our customer processes including special functions. It is applied in more enterprises, where was successfully handled and synchronized the flow of semi-products and cooperation activity. The system supports the ISO 9001 standards, as for example, the quality records, processes monitoring, evaluation of suppliers, …, the supplier is flexible and its behavior is very correct …For needs of commerce there is built the connection to web portal, which provides e.g. replacement parts ordering for delivered products ..."

Zelinger plast s.r.o., Ing. Miroslav Prokop

"… with GEMCO, s.r.o. we have been cooperating for several years. The company supplies us with the myGEM information system, thanks to which we have an overview of orders, production, dispatch and inspection. Thanks to modernization of the operation where screens and tablets are placed, paperless production is now being introduced. Production monitoring is ensured by online data collection directly from machines. We have control over the production process and the efficiency of both equipment and workers can be evaluated by networking the presses. With this upgrade it is possible to respond in a timely manner to production problems and to avoid supply failures or delays. Last but not least, thanks to this IS to reduce the number of complaints. This increased the quality of deliveries and customer satisfaction. Communication with GEMCO representatives is absolutely trouble-free, responding promptly and reliably to our requirements …"

ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo, Mr. Vaško

"... myGEM software solution is used for various processes of our company, it covers business, production of compressors, tools, plastics, repairs, service ... Customer processes are fully integrated with economic and controlling modules... Belong solution is significant support of product development, quality and web-portal solution ... "

MESIT asd, s.r.o., Ing. Krča

"... the information system is applied for relatively complex electronic production for needs of the armament and civilian sector. It has been used for more than 8 years, and because we are satisfied with the solution and with the supplier, we expect the longtime relationship … The system standard includes the complete revision service, advanced production planning, elaborated management of semi-products, etc."

KOVOVÝROBA HOFFMANN, s.r.o., Mgr. Marek Hoffmann

"... the information system myGEM handles the processing of offers, the relationship with the customer and the record, planning and evaluation of orders. It allows to the trader to manage the changes according to additional customer requirements and to monitor their progress … myGEM handles the course of the order and the system of changes including the interconnection with PDM SmarTeam and CATIA. We have chosen this supplier based on good experiences from the area of the management of commerce and production, flexible response at solution of specific requirements and knowledge of our processes ..."


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