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CompanyBranch focusField of activityCase study
AEK s.r.o.
Sale and servicing of welding technology
Machinery industry  
AGADOS, spol. s r.o. Production of caravans and carts Automotive industry  
AGADOS Slovakia, s.r.o. Production of caravans and carts Automotive industry  
Agro Sychrov, a.s. Sale and servicing of agricultural equipment Machinery industry  
ALGECO s.r.o. Production and rent of containers Machinery industry  
ARGOS - PF, s.r.o. Production and repairs of agricultural machinery Machinery industry  
AVX Czech Republic, s.r.o. Production of tantalum chip, ceramic capacitors and connectors Electrotechnical industry  
BODOS, a.s. Transport company Transport, forwarding  
BUŠ a BUŠ s.r.o. Production of trailers and semi-trailers of iron Machinery industry  
CEMLOG, k.s. Transport company Transport, forwarding  
CentroTEC, s.r.o. Machining for aircraft industry Aircraft industry  
Český Inter Control CZ, k. s. Manufacture and assembly of electronic parts Electrotechnical industry  
ČEZ, a.s. Production and supply of electric energy Energetic  
DECRO BZENEC, spol. s r. o.
Manufacture of plastic windows
Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
Dermacol a.s. Production of cosmetics Chemical industry  
DFK Cab, s.r.o. Production of cabs for forklift trucks Machinery industry  
ENTEC a.s. Production of welded parts, machining Machinery industry  
Erich Jaeger, s r.o. Development and production of automotive wiring harness, connectors, electronics and towing equipment Automotive industry  
EUROWAGON, s.r.o. Production of mobile containers Machinery industry  
EVEKTOR, spol. s r.o. Development and construction work Aircraft industry  
EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK a.s. Production, sales and service of light sport aircraft and certified general aviation aircraft Aircraft industry  
EVPU Defence s.r.o. Manufacturing and trading company Military industry  
FERROMET GROUP, s.r.o. Manufacture of steel tubes and profiles Machinery industry  
FERROMORAVIA, s.r.o. Manufacture of steel blanks Machinery industry  
Flow Tech, s.r.o. Manufacture of tools Machinery industry  
FORMIKA, s.r.o. Production of plastic parts Machinery industry  
Forschner, PTZ spol. s r.o. Engineering production for Automotive industry Automotive industry  
Fritzmeier s.r.o. Production of welded parts Machinery industry  
HARDMAN, spol. s r.o. Manufacture of abrasive and connection materials Machinery industry  
CHAS - MT s.r.o. Production of metal parts and injection molds for plastics Machinery industry  
Chemis engine, a.s. Sale and distribution of fuels Other  
IMOS group s.r.o.
Construction of water management, engineering and ecological construction
Building industry  
Industrial Engineering s.r.o. Machinery production and trade Machinery industry  
Ing. Jiří Šašinka - YARO Wholesale of food Food industry  
INTERNOVA - CZ GmbH, spol. s r.o. Seller of tools and supporting chemical agents Other  
JH - Jiří Holzer, s.r.o. Foodstuff production Food industry  
KAMEX, spol. s r.o.
International freight forwarding, customs services and warehouses, TOPTRANS
Transport, forwarding  
KAMO obchodní společnost, s.r.o. Foodstuff production Food industry  
KASKO s.r.o. Molded products Machinery industry  
KBS Hranice, s.r.o. Road motor transport and the implementation of services provided by special mechanisms Transport, forwarding  
Kovap, v.d. Production of mechanical tin toys Other  
KOVOP, spol. s r.o. Production of welded parts Machinery industry  
Kovoplast, výrobní družstvo Metalworking and thermoplastics injection molding Machinery industry  
KOVOVÝROBA HOFFMANN, s.r.o. Production of prototypes, parts and tools for automakers Automotive industry Implementace
Kühtreiber, s.r.o. Production of welding aggregates Machinery industry  
Lisovna plastů spol. s r.o.
Manufacture and sale of plastic products
Machinery industry  
MANN+HUMMEL (CZ) s.r.o. Manufacture of filters for vehicles and internal combustion engines Automotive industry  
Marie Lankašová - Zeměměřická kancelář Land surveying Other  
MARK METAL s.r.o. Manufacture of briquettes Other  
MESIT asd, s.r.o.
Production for the arms industry
Army industry  
MION KOVO s.r.o. Locksmithery, toolmaking, machining Machinery industry  
MWG, s.r.o. Production of metal furniture Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
Němeček - Elektromontáž, a.s. Electrical assembling works Electrical industry  
NOVESTA a.s. Production of special-rubber footwear Other  
OBZOR, výrobní družstvo Zlín Manufacture of electrical and consumer goods Electrotechnical industry  

Manufacture of tubes and welded profiles

Machinery industry  
Old Pine Shop, s.r.o. Production and renovation of wooden furniture Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
OMOS, s.r.o. Repairs and modernization of machine tools, production of molds for plastic injection Machinery industry  
ORLÍK-KOMPRESORY výrobní družstvo Manufacture of piston and screw compressors Machinery industry  
Oxalis, spol. s r.o. Production and packaging of tea and coffee Food industry  
PneuPlus, s.r.o. Sale and installation of tires, center and branch network in the Czech Republic Other  
Presplast, s.r.o. Production of plastic parts Machinery industry  
PSG,a.s. Construction work, design operation Building industry  
PURGINA, s.r.o. Production of labels Other  
Racio, s.r.o. Food production Food industry  
RAMET C.H.M. a.s. Production of radars Machinery industry  
Ray Service s.r.o. Manufacture of cable assemblies Military industry  
REKUPER SYCHROV, s.r.o. Production, projection and installation of ventilation units with heat recovery for hall buildings; metal processing Machinery industry  
RI Okna s.r.o. Manufacture of windows and solutions of business branches Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
RIM-TECH a.s. Production of parts for the Automotive industry Automotive industry  
Sigmet spol. s r.o. Supplier of industrial pumps, pumping stations, piping connection system, electric motors, transmissions, ... Machinery industry  
SIROŇ plus, s.r.o. Insulation of apartment buildings, family houses and reconstruction of buildings Building industry  
Slovácké vodárny a kanalizace, a.s. Production of drinking water and sewage system operation Other  
SPAP a.s. Shipping Carriage, forwarding  
STAMOS, spol. s r.o. Construction, renovation, modernization of buildings Building industries  
Statestrong, s. r.o. Production and import of chemical substances and preparations Chemical industry  
SYNOT W, a.s. Development, sale and service of gaming machines Other  
TECMOS spol. s r.o. Technical calculations in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on strength calculations Aircraft industry  
Teplárna Otrokovice a.s. Production and distribution of heat Energetic  
TOSHULIN, a.s. Manufacture and repairs of vertical lathes and machining centers Machinery industry  
TP EUROokna s.r.o. Manufacture of windows and doors Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
TPMO s.r.o. Heat treatment and impregnation of aluminum and aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy trade Other  
V.H.S plus, Vodohospodářské stavby, s.r.o. Construction work, engineering activity Building industry  
V.P.M. - TRANS, s.r.o. International transport, freight forwarding, CS Expres Transport, forwarding  
VÁCLAV HRABEC, s.r.o. Food Processing (public catering, hostess activity) Food industry  
VALAŠSKO s.r.o. Wood production Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
VESNA INTERIORS, s.r.o. Furniture production Wood industry, production of windows and doors  
Vojtěch Kučaba Electric assembling Electrotechnical industry  
VOP-026 Šternberk, s.p., divize
VTÚVM Slavicín
Research, development and testing of ammunition and rockets Military industry  
VYMYSLICKÝ - VýTAHY spol. s r.o. Production, installation and servicing of lifts Machinery industry  
WELCO spol. s r.o. Distributor of additional welding materials Other  
Zelinger plast s.r.o. Production of small and medium sized plastic moldings Machinery industry  
ZEVOS a.s. Building industry Building industry  

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