Construction, Automation

We provide

  • Design and development of electromechanical devices from a phase of a concept into a phase of a 3D model, production documentation and production.


  • Our team consists of experienced engineers and young professionals as well.


 Development and Construction

  • All activities are managed as projects that follow up the management and monitoring of tasks.
  • Part of the processes is:
    - intensive cooperation with the customer,
    - control activities during processing and before handing over the finished work.


Construction activity

  • From a point of constructure view we cover these parts:
    • Mechanical
    • Pneumatic
    • Hydraulic
    • Electro – switchboards, designs of sensor and control units
    • Control systems – PLCmostly from Siemens components, to them for example special microcontrollers
    • Calculations and simulations – MKP Nastran – calculations of strength, lifetime, gearing, kinematic simulations, rod structures

      Basic Calculating Analysis of Components

      Vypocty_a_simulace_pevnostni_kontrola-zatizeni.png          Vypocty_a_simulace_vysledky_analyzy-redukovane_napeti.PNG
      Strength control  load         Analysis results (strength control) – Reduced stress

      Illustration of a record from the Protocol of Optical Diagnostics using a videoscope
      • Structural analysis by the finite element method – illustration

        Load of gearing

        Analysis results – reduced stress
    • Testing equipment – to verify product features – functional tests for series production, life tests, POKA-YOKE control machines for mass production in the automotive industry

      Zkusebni_zarizeni_Zkousky_ucinnosti_1.png     Zkusebni_zarizeni_Zkousky_ucinnosti_2.png
      Effectiveness tests

      Measurement of passive resistances in dependence on speed

      Zkusebni_zarizeni_Mereni_vnejsi_teploty.png     Zkusebni_zarizeni_Mereni_expozice_hluku_na_pracovnika.png
      External temperature measurement          Noise exposure measurement for a worker


Construction types we have realized:

  • —Development of special gearboxes types
  • Design of selected parts in the field of rail vehicles
  • Reconstruction of special vehicles for fire brigade
  • Various steel structures and products
  • Single-purpose machines for increase production efficiency including complete software control and production assurance

Automation and single-purpose machines – examples:

Serial testing equipment for gearboxes
- markets of China, Australia


Single-purpose machines for mass production with PLC equipment

Priklad_Jednoucelove_stroje_pro_hromadnou_vyrobu_s_PLC_zarizenim1.png     Priklad_Jednoucelove_stroje_pro_hromadnou_vyrobu_s_PLC_zarizenim2.png

Other machines and equipment - simple solutions for production

Priklad_Dalsi_stroje_a_zarizeni1.png  Priklad_Dalsi_stroje_a_zarizeni2.png

Parts of production lines for assembly - it provides significant savings of workers

Priklad_Dalsi_stroje_a_zarizeni3.png Priklad_Dalsi_stroje_a_zarizeni4.png Priklad_Dalsi_stroje_a_zarizeni6.png

Development of the container frame



  • We cooperate with a number of specialists:
    • ČMI Brno, Tecmos, authorized structural engineer ing. František Nevařil, ing. Jiří Strachota, ...

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