Cooperation with IBM

Cooperation with IBM

GEMCO, s.r.o. is an approved supplier

Approved supplier for areas

  • Management of processes, realization of projects in production and commercial companies
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of already realized software solutions, identification of weaknesses and proposals for next procedure
  • Creation of submission and consulting in tenders
  • Solution of the interface of the application software and the realization of requirements of the group of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, or the next requirements, including special methods and tools
  • Organization of workshops for processes improvement
  • And a lot of further activities ...

Our company products cooperate with important applications delivered by IBM company, namely especially CAD systems CATIA and SmarTeam, which are integrated into complex ERP solutions.

Significant is also the cooperation in financing of projects in the field of supply of application software, services, and possibly HW (servers, ...).

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